We met Beyonce’s makeup artist and his makeup tips blew our mind

By February 8, 2019July 30th, 2020No Comments

L’Oréal makeup ambassador and personal makeup artist to none other than Beyoncé, Sir John (the title makes sense seeing as Queen B is veritable royalty) is sought after for his high drama looks. He was introduced to Beyoncé while assisting Charlotte Tilbury and they hit it off big time, but before he was creating her Coachella glitter, Ashley Graham’s smokey bronze eye or dramatic midnight blue liner for Joan Smalls, he earned his living doing makeup at New York strip clubs and dressing windows for Gucci. It’s fair to say that he’s seen it all and knows exactly what works, whether you’re performing a gig at Wembley or just need a quick and easy ‘office face’. Here’s just a snippet of his no holds barred makeup wisdom.

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